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Technology utilized as an engine to run simulations and output freight rail reports that can be compared seamlessly...

Our mission at Rail Rate Advisors was born of years of working closely with rail shippers and short line railroads, negotiating the best rail freight through rates.  Our pricing tool uses proprietary data modeling, bringing our expertise to the broader market.  Our consultants are available to guide our clients through a broad range of transportation needs.

We at Rail Rate Advisors are passionate about rail freight rates. Rail carriers utilize market-based pricing when setting rail rates.  RRA enables the shipper to better understand the true competitive nature of a rail rate in order to best negotiate bid packages or single lane rates.  RRA has industry knowledge developed over decades of effective rail rate negotiations on behalf of both shippers and rail carriers.



Rate-making is both an art and a science. At RRA, we understand that rates are as much a factor of willingness to pay, as they are based on competitive locations. Our team has a great deal of experience negotiating rates and are available to provide guidance and assistance through the negotiating process.



Dr. John Jinkner  has  a DBA from JU. With over 25 years of transportation and logistics related experience, Dr. Jinkner’s interests include logistics research and big data, and in 2019 he secured an $8 million federal grant for a northern railroad. Professor Jinkner has taught management, marketing and logistics classes in the U.S. and in China for over 15 years and was invited to teach the Capsim Capstone business simulation at Harvard Business School in 2009 & 2010. At FSCJ, Dr. Jinkner served as the Program Manager for the LINCS in Supply Chain Management grant. John works with major national rail shippers analyzing their freight traffic and works successfully with a team to negotiate multiyear contracts that save his clients’ money, time and provides a mid-contract cycle rate strategy to lower costs and increase efficiency. During his 20-year career at CSXT, John become an expert in transportation and logistics, wrote several articles regarding business-to-business pricing theory and received two Chairman’s Award of Excellence awards; CSXT’s highest award, for his teamwork and participation in pricing. “The world of pricing is a firm’s best opportunity to define its value proposition.” Rail shippers benefit from the unique insight into rail rate pricing that only John can provide.


Passion, drive, and a deep compassion for customers and employees… these words begin to describe Heather Whitney Anckner. Heather excels at tying the past to the future; bringing organizations from deeply historic roots to a progressive business emerging from today to tomorrow. Heather graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. She completed her MBA at the University of North Florida.  She worked as a graduate assistant in Logistics while concentrating her studies on International Business and Finance. Heather is a co-founder of Rockwood Steel LLC., a full-service railroad consulting firm. She has worked closely with many railroad companies to successfully obtain Federal Grants for railroad projects. Heather has built several successful commercial teams, with team members of varying experience; from no industrial experience to 40+ years of professional railroad experience.  She firmly believes that one learns from all levels of an organization and all levels of experience.